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  • Mitch William

IndyRef2: Who Gets to VOTE?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If there is a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum. Foreign Nationals should not be eligible to vote. Foreign nationals resident to Scotland, who are not British citizens, have not fully committed their lives to the nation.

What I mean by this, is they can simply leave and go home, if they don't like the outcome or the circumstances that it concludes.

I would not move to Poland and 3 years later expect to take part in constitutional referenda.

And all Scots, anywhere in the world, should be eligible to vote. Denying worldly travellers and business people a choice is an affront to democracy. They are Scottish, they have the right!

Lastly, 16 year olds should not be eligible. To be honest, 18 is a bit young. 16 year olds will largely vote how their parents do. They're simply not mature enough and lack the life experience needed to cast an informed decision.

The SNP have never stopped playing hard ball, and they'll do whatever it takes to get over the line. If Scotland falls to the nationalists, it won't be a pretty place!

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