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  • Mitch William

IndyRef2: Is a Scary Joke

Nicola Sturgeon thinks that having another divisive IndyRef in 2023 is a great idea. She's even 'confident' that she'll win. The world has just emerged from Covid and been plunged in to a cost of living crisis.

Food, Gas, Electric and Fuel prices are all sky rocketing.

The war in Ukraine is very real. In which we are a proxy providing support. Is this really a good time to destabilise the UK?

In these tough times, separation would be catastrophic. On top of everything that's actually going on now, imagine a hard border with England, Banks Leaving Scotland, what currency would we use? If it was to be a new currency dreamt up by the nats, good luck with your mortgage as against the £ the old Spanish Peseta would probably fair better in exchange.

The SNP lost in 2014 and has never halted their campaign. Devolution has been a breeding ground for toxic nationalism. Devolution should be scrapped and the House of Lords should be transformed into a US style Senate. When I say US style, each state has equal power within the walls.

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