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  • Mitch William

Independence is the wrong path!

What gives the SNP the right to ignore the 2014 referendum result? They have blatantly disregarded and disrespected the Scottish electorate by continuing their campaign of division!

Independence is the wrong path to take, especially when it's the fake path promised by the nationalists. The nationalist hope of joining the EU as an independent country is a fallacy, no EU member state is fully independent. The Nat's know this, they're manipulating the facts, they are manipulating the people, they are lying to all of us and cannot be trusted on democracy.

Total Scottish exports are estimated at £85 billion, 60% of this trade is done with the rest of the United Kingdom. Scotland's international exports are valued at £33.8 billion and £16.1 billion is export trade to the EU. What that means is, Scotland exports three times more to England, Wales and Northern Ireland as it does to the 27 members of the EU.

Imagine Scotland left the United Kingdom and joined the EU. That would mean a hard border, that would mean 60% of Scottish exports under threat. Imagine needing a passport to go down to Berwick Upon Tweed, imagine the chaos caused by customs checks, would it all be worth it?

In the era of a rising China, whom is challenging the international rules based order, the world need's the United Kingdom more than ever, as does Scotland. The UK is the 2nd largest contributor to NATO and occupies a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. Scotland's voice is heard through the UK Government and is magnified through these international organisations.

A break away Scotland would be under threat. Even if it did join the EU, what it would actually be joining, is a Franco-German Empire. Scotland's voice would struggle to be heard as it became quietly subordinate and dependent on the European project.

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