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The Myth of Independence

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Angus Robertson, former SNP Member of Parliament:

By becoming independent Scotland will rejoin the European Union, will co-operate on defence and security bilaterally and multilaterally with treaty partners and the United Nations. Scotland has much to offer and given our geo-strategic location many responsibilities to be taken seriously.

What is the point, in so called Scottish Independence, if the SNP wish to join the European Union?

It seems, they'd be in a hurry to sign up to all EU arrangements. Which in turn would erode that independence and Scotland would quickly become another small EU member state following the lead of the Franco-German Empire.

It's worth noting, that there's no mention of a hard border with England and the future currency. Which, would probably be the Euro. Oh, how independent.

Scotland would have no treaties with any nation or organisation. Scotland would need to apply for NATO membership, and after leaving the UK for the EU, I think the UK would be well within it's rights to veto any NATO membership application.

If Scotland become's an EU subordinate. Scottish influence on the world will be gone forever. Don't buy the SNP's propaganda. Independence is a myth, they don't want it. What they want, is to get one up on the English and secure an EU Commissionaire.

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