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  • Mitch William

Independence from Scotland?

Independence from Nicola Sturgeon, is what the Shetland Islands have voted for.

The Shetlands never fell under the spell of nationalism. Their MP is a Lib Dem and the Local Authority have voted 18 to two, for a motion to pursue a policy of Independence from Scotland, whilst maintaining ties to the UK as a Crown Dependency.

The Local Authority stated, that the islanders want to pursue "financial and political self-determination".

Whom shall be next, the Kingdom of Fife?

This has to be a massive blow to the Nationalists. They spend most of their time rebelling against Westminster and forgetting to Govern and they've totally missed the rebellion brewing against them in the North.

A rebellion that would take a sizable chunk of Scotland's oil. This is a serious situation.

We may see a referendum on the Islands, and in the name of Democracy, the nationalists would be powerless to stop it. I think Westminster will be rubbing their hands together.

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