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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

The SNP continue their push for Independence. But, at what cost? BREXIT is the new excuse, the trendy yesser argument!

If you believe in the cliff edge scenario. If you believe BREXIT will be catastrophic for the UK. Then stop and think how bad it would be for Scotland to disconnect from its biggest trading partner and shatter the UK?

Budget cuts, austerity max, interest rate's red lining, no central Bank or solid currency... Need I say more?

Independence Would Destroy Scotland!

The SNP would aspire to EU membership. Which, in essence would leave Holyrood with roughly the same power as it has now. However, Scotland would only get 6 MEP's out of well over 700. Therefor, Scottish influence would be zero, similar to that of the Republic of Ireland.

Scotland would face free movement. But, it would be reversed, all the bright young people would flee the ship wreck that the SNP created out of nothing but spite!

When the UK leave's the EU, the EU will effectively become The Franco-German Empire!

Why would we ditch the UK for such a thought?

The Nationalist's are anti-english and have no desire for real independence!

They just want a win before they sell Scotland to Brussels!

Independence would be a tragedy and Spain would block EU entry due to it's own separatist movements.

Hence, It would be BREXIT, a million times over! If you believe the cliff edge scenario?

Civil unrest akin to the troubles of Northern Ireland could erupt! It's not worth it. We've had 300 years of success together, lets build a new Global Britain fit for the 21st century!

Mitch William...

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