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  • Mitch William

Immigrant Nightmare

At present, non EU - migrants must earn a minimum of 30k per year, in order to meet their visa requirements. On the other hand, EU citizens currently have an automatic right to work in the UK.

That's about to change!

EU migrants, may soon have to adhere to the same rules as the rest of the world!

30k per year!

What jumped up, out of touch, Westminster bubble BRAT came up with that figure?

Maybe, in London 30k per year is low... But, lets look at the rest of the country!

That would mean no Nurses, Teachers, Paramedics etc etc and etc... I know many awesome people from Europe and beyond and it would seem the Government are trying to scare away would be migrants or they're just totally incompetent!

Lots of migrants work in the unskilled jobs market, which is fine. But, these people won't make 30k per year! What calibre of job do we expect our migrants to have?

As per usual, we have people with no grasp on reality making decisions that affect the wider nation! I'm all for controlled migration, id even pick and choose which nationalities and cultures I deemed suitable for integration into the UK!

But, 30k per year requirement... That's despicable, almost as bad as the late "dictation test" of Australia!

30k per year is higher than the average UK salary!

There should be a tier system, dependent on your experience and qualifications starting at a minimum of 18k, then 30k and upwards!

The 30k figure is almost a DO NO ENTER sign!

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