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  • Mitch William


The migrant crisis never went away, the media focus simply shifted. Everyday, small boats loaded with people are attempting to cross the channel, some more successful than others.

The UK has lost its edge. We're too slow to act, when abrupt action is required.

It's all well and good being nicey nicey and being portrayed in a good light. But, being portrayed in a good light isn't going to stop illegal migrants coming to the UK.

The illegal migrants, who slip through the net, pose a significant threat to the public. It's very difficult for the Police to trace an individual who has no records in this country.

It's clear and simple, refugees are required to seek refuge in the first safe country they pass. But, instead they continue on to the UK, which makes them economic migrants.

We could be letting in diseases, terrorists... who knows, because they certainly won't declare their intent upon capture at the port, that's if they ever get captured and processed.

I'm not going to suggest a shoot to sink policy. I'm going to suggest a turn back or arrest and extradition policy. The message needs to be clear, if you wish to come the the UK, you must do it legally, if not, we'll stop you in the water or extradite you upon arrival!

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