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As you're probably aware a young Army recruit was discharged, due to having a picture taken with Tommy Robinson. A campaign has now begun in support of the unlucky Soldier.

However, as far as we know, only one Soldier was discharged?

This lead's one to believe that the Soldier in question, possibly had outstanding discipline issues?

Soldiers hold an array of political view's, they're actually a lot smarter than most give credit. However, they're not allowed to be politically active! #AvoidCoupsAtAllCosts

The Army are getting their knickers in a twist over the picture. Probably worried that accusations of institutional Islamophobia are heading their way due to Tommy Robinsons public image.

But, is Tommy portrayed fairly?

Most likely not!

There's nothing in Queens regulations stating, that Soldier's can't have their picture taken with public figure's. However, I believe it doe's state, you must never bring the Army into disrepute!

It must be the latter they stung the recruit on?

Was it silly to have a picture taken with a controversial figure whilst in uniform? … Probably!

But, did he deserve to be discharged? … No Way!

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