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  • Mitch William

I could have been a SuperSoldier but, my trousers kept falling down...

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Why is the Armed Forces essentially run by civilians?

They do NOT understand the organisation as a whole!

Liam Fox, attended the University of Glasgow Medical School. I have much respect for the man as he stood down for the right reasons, but I don't see him as the Soldiering type..

Michael Fallon, expert in nurseries - no basic soldering skills.

Gavin Williamson, distinguished career in the pottery industry and is now the current Defence! Does he even know the difference between a Tank and an Armoured Personnel Carrier?

And then we have people like Colonel Bob Stewart, Conservative MP and a highly trained Soldier... Something tells me Colonel Stewart would make a good Defence Secretary! I would follow this man into battle without question...

No offence to the other 3, but I wouldn't even follow them to Tesco!!!

The Armed Forces are under funded as a recruitment and retention crisis takes hold coupled with various new threats worldwide,

The Army must change and it should have changed yesterday!

The Army needs to catch up with society, I am not in favor of dropping standards, that would only peril the nation.

I would be in favour of scrapping direct entry officers thus abolishing the class system that is so prevalent within the Army. When you walk into a barracks you travel back in time by at least 100 years.

Imagine...You are a SGT served 15 years, deployed on operations 4 times, a new platoon commander arrives, who is 20 and is inexperienced to say the least.

What do the powers at be think this does for retention?

Most good people leave the Army long before they get anywhere near SGT and the Army is left with the others.

The lower ranks simply feel like 2nd class citizens, thus building a hatred for the organisation as a whole and this results in early termination.

Saluting is out of date...why are troops saluting all day every day in this day and age it is degrading.

Saluting on parades, yes. Saluting in the morning and last parade after duties, yes.

Not every 10 minutes all day everyday.

Accommodation, people need privacy - use the Royal Engineers to drywall all 4 man rooms UK wide and the troops will be happier, XBOX and Kleenex...

The people at the top, must speak to the people at the bottom and maybe they'll find a way to make it work.

We must stop thinking class, the troops lower down are the enforcers, we rely on them to do the job most people cant, remember that!

The Introduction of focused educational programmes up to degree level that can be encompassed into working hours thus setting the troops up for life after the armed forces should be taken in to consideration and reviewed...we love a think tank...

Of course, there is the funding issue!

I feel this should not be an issue amid BREXIT, we should be aiming to have the 2nd most powerful military in NATO by a long stretch.

Aim for 200.000 Army Personnel, introduce a small Bomber Command back into the RAF and as a nation who prides themselves on the open seas, bring the Royal Navy back to 2001 standards and for heavens sake, speaking from an Army perspective,

DO NOT CUT THE ROYAL MARINES, they're all good lads - highly trained and compulsory.

Mitch William...


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