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  • Mitch William

Humza 'Useless' Yousaf

Almost a week ago Humza 'Useless' Yousaf urged Scots to "Think Twice" before calling an ambulance. What kind of Politician is he? How can we trust the SNP on anything if they can't even sustain emergency care.

The SNP are a joke. However, they have successfully manipulated a large proportion of Scots into thinking that Scotland would be better off as a Faux Independent Nation under the European Union (The union that can't even agree a common defence).

And now, 100 BRITISH military personnel are being mobilised to drive ambulances, as soon as this weekend. The Nationalists will hate the fact that the British Armed Forces have been called in to bail their crisis out.

When will the Scots realise that the nationalists are an incompetent operation only good at spinning the blame. Scotland's problems don't sit in Westminster, they sit in Holyrood.

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