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  • Mitch William

Huawei 5G RISK?

Gavin Williamson took the hit, in the form of a sacking, for the leak, on the upcoming Huawei 5G network, set to cover the UK's next generation of wifi.

The Police say, there has been no criminality. However, Williamson wants an investigation, in order to clear his name!

I think, who ever spilled the beans, deserves a knighthood!

As much as I would love, all nations to be cosy and best buddies. Its not the case, China could use the Huawei built 5G network to spy on the entire UK with ease!

Theresa May, needs her head checked, for even considering the prospect!

The USA stated, it would think twice before sharing future intelligence data with the UK, if the project goes ahead.

Gavin Williamson, was the most energetic Defence Secretary of recent times. Theresa May is the least appealing, problematic, Prime Minster of recent times.


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