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Hitler was a Lefty?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

The hard left always seem to forget major points of history and modern times. They miss out key facts in order to make themselves the apparent goodies. For instance Stalin, a hero of the left was responsible for approximately 20/25 million deaths and laid waste to the Soviet economy.

You won't hear the hard left chant that out loud!

Hitler was a Socialist and he also killed millions of Jews. He also found a weird and wonderful way of intertwining Nationalism and Socialism. Hence, the NAZI Party (National German Socialist Workers Party). #VolkswagenThePeoplesCar

One thing Hitler & Stalin had in common with modern day fascists (the hard left), is their contempt for the Jewish community...

Labour are currently at the center of Anti-Semitic accusations!

What do the hard left have against Jewish people? And why is the 2nd largest UK political party implicated in such an outrage?

The hard left have an obsession with crimes against minorities. Conveniently overlooking crimes and terror offences committed by Muslims and other minorities. They will ignore anything and everything if it doesn't fit their false fairy narrative. They pretend to be all cuddly just like the Khmer Rouge!

What they brand far-right is... people who disagree!

They label people racist and far-right for waving flags and questioning their beliefs. Brand people fascist for attending marches. They mask up and become violent, they close down free speech and debate when they don't agree with the rhetoric!

Its almost reminiscent of Hitler's Storm troopers during the 1930's!

The Hard Left are FASCIST!

They attempt to mask it by branding everyone else fascist!

Fascist is a word many people don't really understand. But, its incredibly easy to chant among a crowd of non-sophisticates!

Mitch William...


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