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  • Mitch William

Have you changed your mind?

The prospect of a 2nd Referendum lurks closer everyday!

I've always warned of this catastrophe. However, staying in is definitely better than May's colonisation deal!

The BREXIT debate is due to resume in Parliament January 7th, with a new vote scheduled for the following week!

Parliament are re-running the same debate on the same issue with absolutely no change to the deal.

How can it pass?

It seems like a pointless exercise to me. But, Politicians will always put their self interest first! How many can May buy off and offer peerages too?

Its likely the deal will falter in Parliament!

Not just because its a terrible deal, but the opposition are on a mission to destabilise the Government and the remain camp will see a failed deal as a pretext for a peoples vote!

I can certainly envisage the prospect of a peoples vote becoming a reality. But, I think the question should be... No DEAL or May's DEAL! Remain SHOULD NOT be an option!

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