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Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill

Scotland's new Hate Crime and Public Order Bill has been shot down by the Police Federation and the Law Society.

The Police Federation, fear the new legislation will destroy the "legitimacy" of Policing, forcing them to police speech using a "vague" law, that will be difficult to implement.

The Law Society, has also stated a "lack of clarity" ... "could threaten freedom of expression".

Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf replied:

"I don't accept that this curtails free speech at all. Free speech in itself is never an unfettered right.

So, now the SNP decide what we can say and what we can't? It's still free speech. But, only if the glorious party sign it off?

"The Bill creates a new crime of stirring up hatred against any of the protected groups covered by the Bill".

So, if you were to write on Twitter, that you didn't agree with Transgendered people using female toilets because they're men, and then people agreed with you, in a more aggressive manner, does this now mean, that you're guilty of a hate crime for expressing a genuine concern?

The law could criminalise people for causing perceived offence or being insulting.

I get the impression, that this bill is designed to censor criticism of immigration and gender issues. The problem is, if criticism becomes taboo, as the new generation grows up, the populous won't have a voice.

The SNP rattle on about Independence and how they need to be free in the world. By the looks of this bill, the Scottish people need protecting from the SNP, as it's oppressive in its very nature, agree with the rhetoric or you'll be criminalised!

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