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  • Mitch William

Grooming Gangs

Industrialized grooming invented by Pakistani Men!

Yes, there are white beast's on the prowl too. However, the White British Beast, usually acts alone and is not part of a systematic structured rape club!

Huddersfield, the most recent case of Pakistani Rape Club UK!

20 men, preying upon 15 girl's aged between 11 and 17. These Rape Clubs are viciously racist, seeing young white girls as permissible fodder!

This appears to be a cultural problem, of course its not the entire British Pakistani populous at fault. But, it's a problem that stems from that community. Perhaps a racist community who deem British Culture to be below their moral standards?

As the Pakistani population grow's, these problems will also grow. The UK is sleep walking into civil unrest. It's very clear, not all cultures are compatible with British Value's!

Immigration policy must be reviewed due to the multicultural tensions that currently exist!

This cannot be allowed to continue!

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