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Greta Thunberg

I fear for little Greta. I think she's being used and abused by the adults in her movement. Because, she can draw the attention of millions due to her young age. What happens when she's 19 or 20, will the media still take an interest? For the sake of her mental health, I hope they do!

Speaking at Davos, Greta was calling for the use of fossil fuels to be banned with immediate effect. That's a great idea! But, the world would stumble to a staggering halt. That demand can't and won't be met. We simply, do not have the technological capability, to meet such a demand at present.

And on the other hand. We have people telling us it's all a hoax and that we have nothing to worry about. Donald Trump seem's to brush away any thought of global warming, is he right or wrong?

We the public, need some informed analysis. It's no good, if both sides think you're stupid for being in opposition and bombard you with propaganda trying to win your support.

We need televised debates, we need balanced information campaigns, so we, the public can better understand the situation the world is in.

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