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  • Mitch William

Global Britain, on the march?

The UK has applied to join the Trans - Pacific Partnership. A simple trading bloc of 11 nations that account for 13% of Global wealth.

Being a member will cut barriers to trade which will inevitably lead to increased trade from within the grouping. There's also the potential for the USA to join, which would be better than negotiating a bilateral deal with our American cousins.

The best thing about this bloc, is that it doesn't tie you down, each member retains full sovereignty and is free to join other blocs and organisations. The bloc only governs trade between the 11 party nations, noting more, nothing less.

Australia, Canada and New Zealand are key members of the group, which is good news for CANZUK enthusiasts. This puts the 4 CANZUK nations in a framework, which if they chose, could be built upon.

The nae sayers, complain that all these nations, such as Japan, Vietnam etc are too far away and that the EU is our only viable trading partner. I say, if we ran an empire that spanned the world, in which the sun never set, with no internet, no iPhones, no nothing that resembles modern tech, I'm sure Global Britain can become a productive and effective member of the bloc.

The question is, whats next for Global Britain?

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