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Global Britain

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Will the UK and EU reach a deal in time?

There's a couple of sticking points, fishing and the so called "level playing field". Regards to fishing, the EU cannot, under any circumstances hold more fishing rights in British waters than the United Kingdom.

The level playing field is political jargon to confuse people, it sounds like the EU are playing fair. But, what it actually means, is signing up to EU rules and regulations.

BREXIT should mean that the UK is free of any EU influence. Of course, there can and probably will be future bilateral pursuits. But, the UK can't and won't become a colony of the European Empire.

A fair bilateral deal is in everyone's interest. However, if it's not fair an equal, it becomes pointless and detrimental.

The next 5 years is going to be interesting, are we going to witness a resurgent Great Britain on the world stage?

The potential for a deal with the USA is still on the table. The Japanese are open to the UK joining the CPTPP and by the end of the year, the UK will have secured trade agreements with the CANZUK nations.

Plus, the UK Government are embarking upon a revolutionary Armed Forces spending increase, pledging to make the Royal Navy the "foremost" power in Europe.

The UK is set to be sitting around a lot tables world wide. Thus, maintaining and enhancing soft power, while building back the military power to match it.

Is Global Britain on the path to becoming a Free Trading Powerhouse?

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