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  • Mitch William

Global Britain?

The UK was on the path to a new "Golden Age" with China. However, the USA - China trade war, Hong Kong and the global pandemic has put a damper on things.

Reference Huawei, the USA fiercely opposes any of it's allies allowing the tech giant to operate within their borders.

China, is now threatening consequences, if the UK pulls out of the Huawei deal and furthermore, for the perceived interference in Hong Kong.

Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming said:

“When you get rid of Huawei, it sends out a very wrong message. You punish your image as a country that can conduct independent policy. It means you succumb to foreign pressure and you cannot make your own independent foreign policy. I always say Britain can only be great when it can have its independent foreign policy.”

It sounds as if the Chinese are playing a game of divide and conquer. They're coming across as welcoming, but firm. They appear to be trying to drive a wedge between the USA and her closest allies.

With BREXIT, came the vision of Global Britain. However, it's now very apparent, that in this world, you need to pick a side. You can't be close to everyone.

Or can you?

The UK faces a huge dilemma. It's stuck in the middle of a superpower tiff.

Our natural allies, are clearly the USA, CANZUK and the EU.

The UK has a choice, she can become a neutral country and try her level best to please everyone, or be apart of a super alliance led by the USA. The third option, is CANZUK?

The way things are looking at the moment, the 5 Eyes and China are about to enter a new cold war and that's not good news!

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