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  • Mitch William

Give us NO DEAL

Boris Johnson, won't negotiate until the Back Stop is DROPPED! Which, is fair enough, new Prime Minister, new deal, new terms!

But, the EU won't budge!

They want the UK tied into EU law for an eternity, as it suits them, to have control over the rebel Islands!

In a sense, its an option, between becoming a COLONY of the EU and BREAKING FREE completely!

I choose the LATTER!

Anyone, who likes the current DEAL, is brainwashed and doesn't understand the realities of the World.

If we No Deal It, we'll have a little bump in the road, but the recovery will be off the scale!

Free Trade with the USA, China, CANZUK and the REST!

Remember, the EU are giving us a choice, become a COLONY or No Deal, CHOOSE NO DEAL, CHOOSE LIFE!

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