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Girly Soldier Crying

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Have you seen the recent video of the female Army recruit crying her eyes out during basic training?

It shows a girl hysterical with tears and being screamed at, by the training instructor!

The event is known as... "Bayonet Training".

For recruit Soldiers, this is a grueling event aimed at teaching controlled aggression and harnessing controlled killers!

No matter which role you choose within the Armed Forces, you will be trained to "close with and kill the enemy"

Funnily enough, that's what Armies do!

I am amazed, that Lord Dannat has condemned this! Perhaps, there was no need to film it, but the exercise itself, is essential!

It separates the strong from the weak!

The Armed Forces require robust individuals to undertake arduous tasks which will involve kill or be killed scenarios for the many!

The Army needs the rough, because the snowflakes won't do!

The Armed Forces cannot reflect the airy fairy fantasy land which is imposed on society, the Army is for war and some people need reminding that the world is not the wee cosy tea room around Islington.

Standards should never be lowered, if your not tough enough or prepared enough, don't sign up!

If this was a guy crying, would it create the same impact?

Mitch William...


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