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  • Mitch William

Gender Identity Targets 5 Year Old's?

This is utterly ridiculous, as of 2019 Scottish Primary One Pupils will be asked what Gender they are and told they can decide which Gender they want to be in classroom's across Scotland...

This can't be happening?

5 year old's don't posses the cognitive skills to even begin to understand that question. Their answer will be meaningless and they'll be left dazed and confused.

My nephew can't even decide between Spiderman and Superman. So why doe's the Scottish Parliament feel its appropriate to ask him if he is a boy or a girl?

We can't brain wash our children into snowflakery at such a young age. Are we destined for generation fairy? Its actually embarrassing. Other countries must be having a great laugh at our expense as the luny left impose false values upon us!

There are 2 Genders... Male and Female, its quite simple!

Some people may decide to play around with biology and become trans, which is fine. But, they're trans, it's not a third gender! They're still male or female, they've just decided to take their personal feelings to an extra level in order for them to be happy. I have no problem with that.

My problem is, when Schools start confusing my niece and nephew with such issues!

Its borderline abuse!

I have no problem with secondary school children being taught about gender identity incorporated into sex education. But, the left have crossed the line with this attack on innocence and it must be stopped! Its nothing short of an outrage!

Mitch William...

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