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Full British BREXIT

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Anything less and we'd be better off REMAINING?

Last week, the Cabinet retreated to Chequers in search of a song sheet they all know the tune to!

A feeble attempt at hiding their disarray under the semblance of untiy prior to important announcements!

On the other side,

Over the next week the Labour Party will be announcing their updated Vision of BREXIT as well.

After emulating the Government retreat, Rumor has it, they may advocate the Customs Union?



"A group of states that have agreed to charge the same import duties as each other and have free trade among each other"

If the UK were to remain a member of the Customs Union this would surely impede the ability to forge New Trading Partnerships around the world?


Hard BREXIT is the only BREXIT?

The UK must sever all current ties with the European Union and look forward to a New Bilateral Partnership.

Ensuring the...

Global Resurgence of a Free Trading Powerhouse and a Friendly Neighbour!


Just stay in the EU?

The UK can't just hold on to some parts of the EU here and there if it impedes the UK's future sovereignty and ability to forge a New Global Path.

The Referendum was 23 June 2016...

REMAIN MP's are now on the Counter Attack...The BREXITEERS are out gunned and surrounded!!!

The 2nd Referendum is not a matter of...


its a matter of...


Be Prepared!!!

Mitch William...


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