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  • Mitch William

From the EU to the Seven Seas!

The United Kingdom, is preparing to leave the European Union. Some people will view this with despair and others with joy. I, for one, am anxiously excited.

I've always viewed the European Union, as being to big and bureaucratic with sprawling institutions that made it ineffective with decisive decision making.

Overall, I think it's a good idea. But, it was set up wrong.

It became too involved in nation state domestic affairs and far too bureaucratic to be effective on the world stage.

There was no de facto leader!

Take NATO for example, the USA, is the clear de facto leader of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which also extends globally via the Partnership for Peace Programme.

When we hear people refer to the US President as the "Leader of the Free World" ... that's because, he is. Large organisations need leaders, failure to have a de facto leader, will result in the organisation failing in policy areas.

Hence, the EU struggles to come to conclusions quickly. The saying, "Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians" springs to mind!

However, all that said. BREXIT maybe the best thing for the EU federalists. They saw the UK as a hurdle, a block on their progression. Now that the UK has eliminated itself, they could make progress!

I see the European Union, evolving into an unofficial Franco - German Empire. If the 2 remaining heavy weights stay on the same page and forge bilateral policy ideas and lobby the 25 smaller states to sign up, the EU could eventually be bestowed with its de facto leader and may well rise as a unified superpower.

If the UK decided it would like to re-join in 10 years, it may be a very different Union, to the one it left.

Personally, I think we should let the EU grow and evolve. But, we should stay out of it.

Our future is global!

The CANZUK Nations all share a head of state, a common language and a cultural history.

Each nation has a superpower on it's door step. The future will see each individual CANZUK country being nothing more than small regional players.

But, if united... Together, they would have a right to assume the UK's seat at the UN Security Council and be the 4th most powerful entity on the planet.

And out of the nations/unions that are more powerful, 2 of which are allies.

CANZUK, is the third and final pillar of western society, she would command a seat at the top table with the USA, China and the EU.

The UK's future is global, it's now or never!

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