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  • Mitch William

Free Kurdistan

Why are the Kurds not allowed a nation of their own? Kurdistan spans Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Surely, after their gallant efforts against ISIS they deserve our respect and support!

Turkey has just invaded Syria. Not for Assad, for the YFG Kurdish militia. The USA walked away and allowed it to happen.

I'm left wondering, can anyone trust America?

Turkey and the Kurds have both been allies of the West. Therefor, the USA could and should have mediated and perhaps supported a Kurdish State of some shape or form.

This would have been the moment for it...

Rather than do that, they washed their hands of the matter and pitched ally against ally.

Shame on Turkey! Erdogan wants to re-draw the border 30 miles into Syria as a temprorary measure. This seems like GAZA mk2, Turkey should be thrown out of NATO, pushed out of Kurdistan and put in its place.

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