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Fly the Union Flag!

What is going on?

The SNP have decided, that a Foreign Flag will fly at Scottish Government buildings, the EU flag. And the Union Flag of the United Kingdom will only fly on remembrance day.

This is an assault on democracy, our shared British heritage and more than all, a complete and utter embarrassment. In 2014, the Scots voted to be BRITISH! In 2016... 62% of Scots opted to REMAIN in the EU, 38% voted for BREXIT. However, the turnout was only 67% and it was a UK - wide election.

I'm not a mathematician. But, I'm certain that 62% of 67% is not a majority worth boasting about. Their actions in regards to this flag waving is a true reflection of their anti - British sentiment and pro - EU agenda.

People need to understand that EU membership is not independence, and the EU is now a Franco - German Empire. Currently Scotland only gets 6 out of well over 700 mep's, they would be in a futile position overshadowed by the giants if they chose that path.

I'm confident Global Britain can turn the tide against the faux nationalists and their agenda of division.

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