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  • Mitch William

Federation or Kill Devolution?

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Devolution... a man made disaster or saving grace?

While Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland enjoy their devolved administrations,

(maybe not Northern Ireland so much at this point) the English were left with no "regional" assembly.

Equality and fairness is something the British prevail at however, not when it comes to the English?

Devolution has created a platform for hand bags and blame culture from the Nationalist groups!

Rather than promoting unity it has spread disunity almost ending the UK as we know it...

A new UK wide referendum should be considered and campaigned for post BREXIT.

The question being?

Should the UK Federalise or Scrap Devolution Completely?

The result would be a Federal Government with 4 states plus overseas territories and dependencies or a return to absolute centralisation of power within Westminster.

If we want to save money in these hard times of austerity, make meaningful cuts, stop wastage of hard earned taxes...

I would opt for the latter tick in the box.

However, if the UK did federalise and change the nations name to the "United Kingdom of the British Isles" she could invite the overseas territories and dependencies to have representatives in Westminster.

A small Federation spanning the Globe...

Mitch William...


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