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DEBUNKING: UK Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, is not at movement aimed at equality, it's a movement based on misunderstanding.

The leadership state on their gofundme page:

We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world. We build deep relationships across the diaspora and strategise to challenge the rise of the authoritarian right-wing across the world, from Brazil to Britain.

Lets debunk their nonsense and expose them for what they really are, far left activists who have no place in the UK!

Imperialism died with the British Empire, if they really have a huge problem with it, they should be protesting China?

The alternate to capitalism is communism. Communism killed more people than Hilter and fuels broad poverty, I know which I prefer, a free market!

White Supremacy, well I wouldn't expect to go to Nigeria and see a white President, if black people live in white majority countries, the likely hood is, that their will be a white leader. However, in the UK, 2 of the 4 great offices of state, are currently occupied by ethnic minorities, Risha Sinuk (Chancellor) and Priti Patel (Home Secretary). I think that clears up the fact, that the UK is not a white supremacist state!

The patriarchy is long gone, the UK has seen 2 female Prime Ministers and many other female political leaders, that argument/policy to fight the patriarchy is utterly baseless and pointless.

Apparently, state structures disproportionately discriminate against black people... Well I think from the above, we can safely safe, that this isn't true of the UK.

Now it gets funny... remember, these people want to be taken seriously... They want to challenge the rise of the authoritarian right-wing across the world, from Brazil to Britain , there is no such rise in the UK.

So far, it appears to me, that this organisation is aiming it's efforts at the wrong country and should really be looking further afield.

UK Black Lives Matter have a lot of ideas. But, no solutions or real replacements for the things they want to change and most of the things they want rid of are already gone.

Please see their Policy on Policing:

Developing and delivering training, police monitoring and strategies for the abolition of police. Working alongside existing anti-racist organisations to strengthen the wider movement across the UK

That actually makes no sense to me...

Worryingly, they have raised over £700k. However, if people knew how misled the leadership was, would they really be giving up their hard earned cash?

At the end of the day, racism does exist and will always exist, every race will have people who see others in a bad light for whatever reason. However, in the UK, it is the minority, if it was a pandemic, the British National Party would have seats in Westminster. They don't, they collapsed!

I'm all for equal rights, I don't care who you are or where you're from, as long as you're sound and do not hurt others needlessly.

I can see this organisation causing more problems than good if it survives the long term!

#AllLivesMatter #LawAndOrder

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