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  • Mitch William

Farage, BREXIT & Blair

Why is Tony Blair desperately fighting for a 2nd referendum?

Does he want to be the First President of the United States of Europe or just have another War?

Blair and Farage should hold a televised public debate on BREXIT Britain - That way we can all watch the opinion polls go wild for a few days and I am certain, I know which way they would go...#Cleggers

If/When ardent Remainers get their way of another EURef the Question will be:

New Deal or Remain?

This is much more likely than one would expect, just as likely as that General Election we were NOT HAVING, hhhmmmmm...

The EU are particularly good at implementing 2nd referenda,

(Republic of Ireland).

Perhaps they should be as good with reform and one may not be in such a sticky situation?

It should be fun when Mr Barnier, the EU’s top negotiator meets Nigel Farage…

Some have described this as, "sending an arsonist to extinguish a fire"

Mr Farage can and will hold the line through frank conversation.

He has even given members of the public the opportunity to forward him questions, which will be posed to the EU negotiating team on their behalf.

Some might say, he offers "true representation"

But he lacks power in this scenario and our Government seem to be all over the place with contradictions Left, Right and Chelsea...

LOVE him or LOATHE him, Nigel Farage brought the UK to this stage and holds greater political talent than the entire TORY Front Bench Combined.

Perhaps his success is the reason he has not been offered that Honour YET!

We stand at the beginning of 2018 and the Fight for BREXIT is not over...I wonder if Mr Farage will make a return to the Front Line?

Perhaps this meeting is the beginning of the Farage Counter Attack?

Mitch William…


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