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Family Spies?

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The ScotNats want to appoint a “Named Person” for every child and parent throughout Scotland...wow...

Apparently, some parents cannot be trusted…

Who can we trust, can we trust a named outsider poking at your family business and gaining information from your child’s GP?

Luckily this undermining of parents and blatant breach of family privacy has had a huge set back at Holyrood.

The plans were originally meant to be rolled out, August 2016 but are now in disarray.

Under the “Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014” all children from birth to 18 would have an allocated Named Person.

The Named Person would offer help and advice when approached by a child or the parents and if a child’s well-being was a concern they would act as a point of contact for other services.

Remember High School?

The ScotNats want every family to have a Guidance Teacher...

Do we trust the Head Teacher over our own mothers?

Named Persons will be granted the power of access to confidential data on the family and will be able to engage with children without their parents prior agreement and It will stretch resources for protecting vulnerable children even further by creating a scheme that applies to all children irrespective of need.

The Conservatives want the plans entirely scrapped, Labour do not see the need for 16 and 17 year old's to be included in the Scheme.

The ScotNats are facing difficulty, but are adamant they will prevail with plans for amendments to the bill...

Hello Big Brother, Hello 1984…

Huge levels of anxiety have been voiced from parents due to the fact, naturally parents do not feel easy about a stranger having unlimited access to their child and privacy.

Who is to say, the Named Person is a Good Person?


Leading charitable organisations have criticised opponents of the scheme, saying the critics are "unjustified".

What do you think?

Forget about the EU for an hour and get googling…

Mitch William...


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