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  • Mitch William

Fake - Ugee's?

Why has the migrant crisis slipped off the headlines?

Perhaps, after Merkel's betrayal of Europe, the reality struck? 1 Million for Germany and counting! Disorder in Sweden and more EU countires are speaking out against the mass influx!

Can you see history repeating itself?

The United Nations state, that refugee's must seek asylum in the first safe country entered!

If they leave said country, i.e. Turkey, Kenya or Morocco etc etc. They then become economic migrants...

Most of these Fake - Ugee's are fighting age men!

Cowards... If they are fleeing conflict zones, where are their families, why travel alone?

Why not stay and defend their homes? #EconomicMigrants

Europe offers a better life. It must be easier to continent hop, than it be would to build a better future in their country of origin! #NoLoyalty

The problem's we'll encounter isn't religion or race based!

Its conflicting cultural norms and values. Our practices are very different from African or Middle Eastern cultures. Therefor, we'll clash. What we view as unacceptable behavior is possibly perfectly fine in their eyes!

If you import the third world, you import third world problems?

Europe can't continue cultural concessions, the false narrative of multiculturalism has weakened our identity by questioning it! We need a robust approach to a catastrophic problem! Europe has to wake up before its too late!

Mitch William...

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