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Export Jihadi Beatles for Execution?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Two men of British origin are in the custody of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Northern Syria. The USA would like them extradited in order to put them on trial for the kidnap and murder of US and British citizens.

UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid has not requested assurances that these two men will not face the Death Penalty if found guilty in a US court room.

Bravo, Bravo!!!

Mr Javid, at last the Tories seem to be doing something right?

The two men have been stripped of their British Citizenship and have been complicit and or active in the most abhorrent of crimes! If the USA want to fry them and send them to the other side in the most painful way possible, I'm all for it!!!

I'm ashamed the UK doesn't have the back bone to execute the pair on its own terms. Perhaps, the good old Tower of London could come out of retirement?

Justice must be served, the families deserve that as well as the deceased!

The UK must take a long hard look at itself in regard to the death penalty. Conspiracy to cause TERROR should merit a Death Sentence and a SHOOT to kill policy upon arrest if met with resistance!

Their are far too many weak individuals in the corridors of power and within the media.

We need to get tough NOW, before its too late!

I don't particularly like the thought of the Death Penalty. But, credit where credit is due... Some people do deserve it and they exploit the fact we do not apply it!

Anyone arguing for the clemency of these men should really go and see whats actually happening first hand in these War Torn Regions... Perhaps big mouths with little experience who need to understand the harsh realities of the world!


If the USA decide to Execute British Jihadi's. We should at least offer to pay half the electric? #OldSparky

Mitch William...


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