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  • Mitch William

Everything's RACIST?

The leadership of #UKblm are still anonymous. However, they've assured us, that they're all black or of African heritage, does that sound racist to you?

They're still active and organising protests every week and are planning to launch a new web page in August. They've raised over 1 million £££, and are currently structuring their organisation.

I wonder how they plan to utilise these funds?

#UKblm focus on colonial history, and then try's to mirror it to today's society. They think everything is racist and use cultural Marxism to compartmentalise groups of people.

This organisation, is extreme far left. Today, there were calls to defund the Police and the Military. I think, in an ideal world, we wouldn't need a military. However, this is not an ideal world!

#UKblm is a danger to civilised society. However, they're smart, because they've utilised the cloak of anti-racism as a cover for their assault on capitalism.

They're not going to fizzle away, it's just a matter of time until their divisive far left rhetoric causes civil unrest.

They need to be stopped and people actually need to read in to them, before pledging blind loyalty to a group, that they know little of.

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