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  • Mitch William

Even Labour Don't Want A Corbyn Government!

Former Labour MPs John Woodcock and Tom Harris join Ian Austin in advising the public to back Boris Johnson in the upcoming election.

Ian Austin said "Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to lead Britain" and that "he and the people around him, always seem to back our country's enemies"

This is from an ex-labour MP, who knows the ins and outs of Parliament and the Labour Party. His anxieties must be taken seriously, I've never heard a Labour man or woman advocate a Tory vote in my life time, its unprecedented!

(Credit - Sky News)

Jeremy Corbyn and his Red Labour Movement to me mirror the Nazis. Afterall, Hitler was a Socialist. Anti-semitism appears rife in Corbyn's Labour and Momentum members surely reflect a modern day Brown Shirt.

Tribal voting has to be beaten, the UK is a centrist country, not hard left or hard right.

Tribal voters will always moan. But, continue to be tribal. I wonder if the Brexit Election can shatter this age old practice and make way for new political ideas?

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