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European City of Culture

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

The UK’s decision to leave the EU does not mean we are leaving Europe!

If Istanbul can apply for the European City of Culture and only 2% of Turkey is actually in Europe then we can too!

Reykjavik in Iceland and Bergen in Norway have applied in the past as non EU members.

However, apparently as of 2014 the EU decided that only member states can apply, well I'm sorry but the European Union does not own Europe!

Their are 28, soon to be 27 member states of the EU and 50 countries of Europe!

Perhaps the remaining free European states can develop there own system of cultured cities?

The Cultured European City of Freedom?

What next?

Are we going to be banned from the European Football Cup?

Will EU membership become mandatory for EuroVision?

Mitch William...


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