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  • Mitch William

EUref 2.0

Life just got interesting!

23rd of May 2019, is the date of the EU elections. The United Kingdom looks set to take part, 3 years after we voted to leave the European Union.

The Government have been weak throughout the process, whilst Parliament continually attempts to manipulate any form of BREXIT!

Calls for a so called peoples vote, are getting stronger and closer to a parliamentary consensus.

The European Elections, will be the unofficial re-run of the referendum. If a BREXITEER majority is returned to the European Parliament, I'm sure we will be on our way out with no #EUref2 However, if the result is the opposite, then we rewind 3 years and start all over!

Ensure your voice is heard on the 23rd of May, cast your vote and show Parliament, The Government & the EU what your thinking!

The EU election result, will dictate the path Great Britain follows!

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