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  • Mitch William

EU: Unity Is A Myth

United in Diversity?

Covid-19 has shown a light on European disunity. The European Union's number one problem, is that it tries to control, each and every member states domestic policies.

The "European Project" as its called, would have had a greater impact and purpose, if it had focussed purely on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Free Trade. A Confederal set up, run by a council of the Heads of Government.

The intrusive European Union, is incapable of dealing with major issues at home or abroad.

We only have to look as far as Italy to understand this. The Russian Federation, is a supposed adversary? Yet the Russian military, are within EU borders on Italian soil, assisting the Italian people through this pandemic.

Where are the Germans, the French?

The EU has not yet come up with a unified Covid response!

The EU is showing its true colours, unity is but a myth, each nation looks after itself in whichever way it sees fit and when they see the EU failing to act, they must be scratching their heads, thinking what's the point?

The UK voted to LEAVE, because of the intrusive, yet incompetent nature of the EU!

The EU, simply cannot act in times of crisis, the bureaucracy feeds it's impotence. The EU in its current form is unsustainable. I think a future European Union, will be smaller and more unified, more like a Franco-German Empire, or it will simply collapse and leave chaos in it's mist?

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