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  • Mitch William

EU Funding is a MYTH!

The UK is the third highest contributor to the EU budget. Between 2014 and 2017 the UK's contribution to the EU budget was approximately 13%. Without the famous rebate, the UK would be the 2nd highest contributor behind Germany.

The UK is 1 of only 10 member states who get less EU funding than was initially contributed. 18 EU member states currently benefit, from gaining more EU funding than they payed in!

The UK, is effectively part of a subsidy mechanism for 18 EU member states!

One can imagine, the EU are not happy about loosing 13% of their budget. Hence, the fierce BREXIT negotiations. The UK is actually a huge player in the European Union and BREXIT is a huge blow to the Unions credibility and funding.

The UK economy has been growing throughout the chaos and crisis propaganda. But, the UK is set to lose its EU funding... and the EU is set to lose 13% of it's budget.

The UK can and will form a subsidy plan for areas that have been traditionally in receipt of such funding, only this time the UK may have more money and can unilaterally decide what funding goes where!

Not sure how the EU will plug the 13% short fall?

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