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  • Mitch William

Emasculated Army (BARMY)

Apparently, not even the Army can escape the Politically Correct (PC) Brigade…

The PC Brigade are turning everyday normal words and phrases into terms of offence!

This is army barmy...

People should have equal rights whatever their sex, race or sexual orientation happen to be. But, we cannot change the whole English language to suit the LGBT community?

“Chap” cannot become offensive, just don’t call a “lady” or a “LadyBoy” a "Chap" and jobs a good one.

It’s not difficult to change your style of mannerism dependent on who you are speaking with, Soldiers chop and change all the time – they will speak in a certain manner with a Captain and use another manner with fellow PTE Soldiers.

Soldiers tend to tone down the banter with woman compared to what they would share with other men, consciously aware that there maybe a slightly more sensitive ear present.

According to RT, “Chaps” is to be replaced with “People” – “Gentleman’s Agreement” to be replaced with “Unwritten Agreement” and the list goes on...

It doesn’t take the brains of an Archbishop to understand you can’t say certain things to females and you may offend the odd trannie if you get confused, but enforcing language alterations is mental.

Soldiers may get punished in the near future for having a laugh with their peers because some “Snow Flake” gets offended in the background.

The British Army should be focusing on Manpower, kit and Equipment and training, not this garbage.

The Army is not the Scouts - it needs rough an tumble Men and Woman, the PC Brigade need to be reminded of this!

Although, people will complain…But they will still vote for the same politicians as per...

Mitch William...


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