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  • Mitch William

Dump Devolution

Devolution isn't equal and therefore not fit for purpose. At present the British Government appears to be the imperial overlord of the British Isles due to the fact, that there is no English Parliament.

The Scots, Irish and Welsh... all have their own voices through a Parliament, an Executive and an Assembly. The English on the other hand, only have Westminster, which is the overall British Government.

We keep hearing about the "4-Nation" approach (reference covid-19). It simply doesn't make sense for the British Prime Minister to be leading England and the British Isles, to be honest, it looks bad and it is bad.

We must evolve into a Federation, where we have 4 equal executives, led by a First Minster. Creating a Federal Government out of Westminster, whose purpose would be to govern reserved/federal issues.

The next time we encounter a domestic crisis such as covid, the "4-Nation" approach, would be more applicable, as we would have a committee of 5, working TOGETHER for a stronger British Isles!

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