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  • Mitch William

Double the Defence Budget

The UK finds itself in the precarious position of military reliance. For example, the British Armed Forces were unable to continue the mission in Afghanistan alone and failed to build a British led coalition in the face of US withdrawal.

We should not be in a position where we rely on allied strength in order for our Armed Forces to function effectively. I do love the alliances we have. However, every nation will look after it's own interests first. Therefor, alliances are good if you have the upper hand, but lose it, and end up on the back foot, then who knows what that scenario looks like. I'd hazard a guess that each individual nation will put their territorial integrity first and worry about allies later, fallen or victorious.

We should build an invasion proof nation consisting of missile defence, nuclear submarines and airpower. Of course we would need credible expeditionary forces to go with it. A third Aircraft Carrier would boost that aspect. We should be building conventional forces in tandem with cyber and space capabilities.

The UK economy is greater than that of the Russian Federation. However the Russian's have a far greater Armed Forces. In my view, that should not be the case.

In the event of a major war, it is only us whom we can rely on. A doubling of the Armed Forces budget with immediate effect is what is required. The world is on the cusp of a major war, one only needs to look east and listen to the rhetoric of Beijing to understand this.

The British Armed Forces have been reliant on allied integration for too long, it's time we put the GREAT back into Britain. The best way to cement yourself as a global power is too maintain global capability individually and of course through alliances.

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