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  • Mitch William

Double Standards?

Some time ago, Marine Le Pen Leader of the French Front Nationale refused to don a head scarf for a meeting with Lebanon's top Sunni Religious Leader.

The meeting was cancelled due to Le Pens refusal to wear the garment!

More recently, Theresa May donned a head scarf on a visit to her local mosque on "visit a mosque day" where she gave a speech.

Would she have been as welcome without donning the headscarf?

Credit to Le Pen, irrespective of her party politics. She stood her ground and defended western values. Where as Treason May more or less submitted to Islam.

There is a double standard at play and I don't feel comfortable with it!

Respect should be reciprocal!

British woman should never be forced to wear a head scarf as there's no requirement within British culture to do so! When visiting Mosques within the UK, western values must be respected by the Mosques! No demand's to conform to Islam by wearing the head scarf should ever be necessary.

That in my view, is equality, Reciprocal Respect!

Each group are entitled to follow their tradition's whilst respecting the traditions of others. However, in recent years the majority have been bowing. Lets be clear, it's the role of the minority to integrate, not vice versa! It's not a 2-way street...

Mitch William...

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