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  • Mitch William

Do we need a New Party to Settle BREXIT?

BREXIT is in turmoil!

It's due to the lack of leadership and the seemingly impossible task of BREXIT.

A Remainer was never going to settle BREXIT easily and no Prime Minister was ever going to unite the Leave and Remain camps!

If the deal is voted through Parliament the UK becomes a Colony of the EU for the foreseeable future. We'd be obliged to follow all new EU rules and regulations with no say or input in any process. A simple yes sir, thank you sir!

If the deal fails in Parliament, Westminster will struggle to find the leadership that would sail us to a no deal and get us over the line!

The possibilities are an extension of Article 50, a Peoples Vote or a General Election...

Tick Tock what about the clock? We're running out of time!

Are people beginning to identify as Remain or Leave more than following the traditional party lines?

Would anyone vote UKIP again?

What if a new BREXIT Party was born, would you vote for it? Could it harness a powerful enough chunk of the Leave vote to become credible?

Join The Debate!

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