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  • Mitch William

Divided & Conquered?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020


As the world watches in disbelief, our Parliament has allowed itself to be divided and inevitably conquered by the BREXIT process.

Theresa May's DEAL is worse than staying in the EU, it deserves to FAIL! She should be locked up in the TOWER for her belligerent persistence!

May's DEAL renders the UK a COLONY of the EU!

I voted LEAVE! But, I would rather REMAIN, than have her deal bestowed upon me!

Parliament and the Government are weakening British Global Standing, by failing to reach a coherent unified stance!

We should have a General Election. But, with 650 new candidates, cast the failures and has been's to one side and make way for a new generation of politics!

Does desperation for a deal render us weak? The only way, we can exit this process with dignity, is to LEAVE with No Deal!

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