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Ditching Devolution?

Devolution, a dying concept or an evolution waiting to happen?

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all became devolved constituent countries of the UK.

The English were not included in this arrangement, which is problematic, leaving them out only fuels nationalist rhetoric.

For Devolution to be a success the UK must divert to a Federal Structure including the overseas territories and dependencies, a Global Federation of equal partners?

At present, Devolution is somewhat dysfunctional. Stormont of Northern Ireland has been in melt down for a year. Holyrood of Scotland has a minority nationalist administration that picks a fight with Westminster at every given opportunity and is truly counterproductive to the future of Scotland and the UK as a whole.

On the other hand the Welsh Assembly appears to be more functional than her 2 counterparts, Bravo to the Welsh... Bravo indeed!

My Overall Conclusion?

Devolution in its current form is unsustainable!

The current system has created more strife than harmony. It is time to review that system in order to save it or sack it!

Which direction will the UK go?

The next major UK referendum campaign has to be on constitutional reform!

Devolution, Dead or Alive?

The choice on the ballot paper should be:

"Are you in favour of a UK Federation that may include overseas territories and dependencies"


"Are you in favour of returning to simple Unionism based in Westminster, abolishing Devolution"

The question is simple but, the outcome may revolutionise the UK as we know it!


Whatever happens in the future, Westminster should invite all Governors of the overseas territories and dependencies to take seats in Parliament, making it fully inclusive and truly global.

Mitch William...


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