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  • Mitch William

Democratic Treason!

George Eustice, Fisheries Minister, resigned today, in protest of the BREXIT debacle!

Himself, a moderate brexiteer, who was more than happy to leave the EU on good terms and have a close trading relationship.

But, Mrs May's deal was not the BREXIT he'd envisioned, a sentiment shared by many!

Are we heading for an extension and the possibility of remaining?

Nigel Farage is on the march, Sunderland to Westminster, 280 miles... March For Leave, will you be joining him?

Its irrelevant which way you voted, if we have a 2nd referendum, it could be construed as an affront to Democracy!

Most of Parliament are trying too vote their way to an extension and inevitably a 2nd referendum.

Those Politicians are traitors to the electorate, traitors to the country!

The Queen should dissolve Parliament and order the Army to jail the feeble minded self righteous moronic lecturing ruling class and start all over again with a new Democracy.

The People can smell the corruption, they see it and feel it... Society, is a ticking time bomb!

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