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Defence in Peril

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

The word on the street is 1000 Royal Marines and 2 war ships are set to be cut and the British Army are set to lose 12,000 troops thus reducing the Army to 70,000 with an already over stretched and under manned capability at home and abroad.

This proposal if concrete, if true is utter madness.

There is tense speculation due to the ongoing Defence Review.

Tobias Ellwood MP and a Defence Minister has reportedly stated he will resign if these cuts take place.

MP Johnny Mercer who sits on the Defence Select Committee leads a group of “resilient” tory MP’s who are not at ease with the prospect of further cuts!

Ellwood and Mercer, both ex-Soldiers are leading the charge!

The Armed Forces must review how it spends money, it must become more efficient and cost effective.

Kit/Equipment and Manpower must be priority.

Amid BREXIT we should be expanding our Armed Forces not depleting them, we should be showing the world, Great Britain is back, we mean business.

We must base our strength on the strength of potential adversaries, we must aim to have a capability that out manoeuvres potential enemies with ease.

We cannot continue a path of coalition thinking – we must be able to deploy an independent armed capability as far as The Falklands if need be.

Once a nation loses capability it becomes difficult to recover and it may never regain its past capabilities.

We cannot allow this happen!

Mitch William...


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