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  • Mitch William

Customs Colonisation

As the world condemns Venezuela and turns a blind eye to France. BREXIT planners are preparing for martial law in the event of "civil disobedience" due to a No Deal!

That's crazy talk, it could spiral out of control and disobedience could soon become conflict. If you think I'm crazy, remember the troubles?

The BREXIT chaos is largely due to a weak Government, lead by a strong headed woman and a parliamentary majority of remainers!

What can be done?

The EU won't renegotiate... Unless, we decide to stay in the Customs Union Permanently, so says Junker today!

Customs Union membership, would make it difficult, if not impossible, to forge new trading alliances around the world! It goes back to the old taxation without representation argument. We would follow the EU rule book, pay in and have no say in the process.

That would render the UK, either a satellite nation or a colony, staying in the EU is actually a better deal!

Perhaps martial law should be imposed against parliament?

The UK voted to LEAVE, therefore WTO exit with a Free Trade Agreement in the pipeline is looking more plausible by the day.

However, we never hear the positives, only the negatives!

I'd still wager a bet on a 2nd referendum. Although, I think LEAVE would win by a larger margin due to the manner the EU has conducted itself!

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