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  • Mitch William

The End of Small Business?

Small Business is under threat. We are cruising toward a catastrophic recession.

Is it the greed of global markets or is it the War in Ukraine? Either way, we are on the road to economic meltdown.

Please See Below, which is a screenshot from a local Businesses FB page. They make cakes, they have 3 shops and have being doing well, I hope that they can continue!!

And another, this is a screenshot from a local restaurant.

Rising energy costs, will be the death of the economy and unleash hardship upon millions of people. Small Businesses will either close or down scale and the same goes for Big Businesses.

If there's less business, there's less jobs... Equals less Government revenue and more public spending cuts.

I'm in favour of a huge windfall tax on energy producers to help cover business and households alike. After all, if you research the energy producers profits, you will find that they have all skyrocketed whilst the majority suffer.

Nothing short of criminal!!


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